Information Management according to BS EN ISO 19650

Now Available - Information Management according to BS EN ISO 19650 - Guidance Part 1: Concepts

This guidance has been written to help individuals and organisations in the UK to understand the fundamental principles of Building Information Modelling (BIM) according to BS EN ISO 19650 Parts 1 and 2. These are referred to in the rest of this guidance as the ISO 19650 series, ISO 19650 Part 1 or ISO 19650 Part 2. Both parts were published in 2018. The ISO 19650 series has been written with the new user in mind, in other words someone who is not familiar with the 1192 standards. This first edition has been published to give assistance and to collect feedback and suggestions for improvements that could be included in a second edition.

Detailed guidance is being prepared for the processes set out in ISO 19650-2 and this will contain more specific and practical examples. At the time of writing, this is expected to be published in its first edition in summer 2019. This two-pronged approach to publishing guidance was seen as the best solution for providing guidance quickly, whilst allowing time to consider those sections requiring more detail.

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