UK BIM Alliance Annual Report 2018

What is the UK BIM Alliance set up for?

To help the built environment sector to take the first fundamental step in the journey to digital transformation.

It is testimony to the dedication and commitment of a wide number of people across the industry, that the UK BIM Alliance has been able to set up and mobilise in such a short space of time, and with such limited funding.  A great deal of effort has concentrated on engaging with the existing BIM communities, and reaching out to others, to provide a safe place to discuss, debate and collaborate around this business of ‘BIM’.

It is worth reminding ourselves what our key goals are:

  • To provide trusted independent leadership
  • To Mobilise the community
  • To Enable practical implementation
  • To establish and support common understanding, a common approach, and one voice

Despite our successes, there is however a huge amount to do.  Whilst we estimate that we now reach over 8000 people, this is a drop in the ocean compared to the 3 million who represent the built environment sector.  We clearly need to do more.  We want to ensure there is strong representation from across the whole life cycle, and we want to target the SME community in particular.

We are acutely aware of the rapid pace of change in UK industry and the rise of technology and digital ways of working. Hot topic areas, organisations and phrases such as digital strategy, international open standards, digital twinning, 5G, the National Infrastructure Commission, CDBB and the Geospatial Commission are all stimulating debate and enabling change.  And we need to put BIM into context within these changes, and ensure that it does in fact remain appropriate and valid.

I hope you find this annual report informative. And I hope that you will be moved to become involved, or to help us in realising much needed funds to achieve our goals.

Download the Annual Report Here

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