Members of the National Housing Federation and UK BIM Alliance are collaborating on a joint project to develop an exemplar set of documents and guidance to support Housing Associations implement digital asset management.

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The Opportunity for Housing Associations to use BIM

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the managed scoping, production, checking and delivery of digital asset information.

Housing associations retain the majority of their built assets for the long term and are well positioned to benefit from integrating BIM processes into their development and asset management strategies. However, it is apparent that few hold sufficient information about their buildings such as accurate as-built drawings or information about installed products.

Following the Grenfell Tragedy, the Hackitt Review demonstrated that there is unanimous concern across the industry about the ineffective creation, handover and retention of vital building and fire safety information as a minimum. The recent establishment of a Building Safety Regulator and the requirement to hold a Building Safety Case and a ‘digital by default’ record system only strengthens the need for Housing Associations to adopt digital practices for holding vital information.

Project Aims

The aim of this project is to facilitate the accelerated adoption of consistent BIM processes within the social housing sector. This will be done by producing a small suite of exemplar documents that are ready for housing associations to use, promoted with guidance and a business case for the sector in report form.

All our work is aligned with the UK BIM Framework and ISO 19650. We hope that through collaboration and promotion of a consistent approach, efficiencies will arise, and the adoption of digital practices will increase.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. Produce an exemplar set of Asset Information Requirements (AIRs) in COBie format, featuring an agreed minimum data set that housing associations need for compliance and other key asset management activities.
  2. Generate a suite of BIM documents for housing association development use which may include:
    1. Information on designer/professional appointments,
    2. Exemplar Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs),
    3. Scope of Services for the Information Manager role;
  3. Demonstrate the potential of implementing a version of BIM ‘Building in Use’ management principles for existing buildings not built using BIM;
  4. Produce a report to introduce these resources to housing associations at an executive level setting out:
    1. The Business Case for BIM from a Housing Association perspective
    2. The benefits of applying BIM principles to existing ‘non-BIM’ buildings, with
    3. Case studies produced by early adopters
  5. A communications plan working in partnership with the NHF and UKBIMA.

Project Participation

The project is currently funded by the following G15 Housing Associations:

  • A2Dominion
  • Notting Hill Genesis
  • Optivo
  • Peabody
  • Southern Housing Group
  • Sovereign Housing

The National Housing Federation is supporting the project and the UK BIM Alliance has adopted the project, which has participation of several of its active members.

Volunteer Participants in the project come from Housing Associations of various sizes, with further support from those working in the field including asset managers, data managers, client agents, contractors, architects, M&E consultants and software providers. Participants are sharing their current activities and experiences in a collaborative environment of two working groups, chiefly looking at Asset Information and Development.

Project Chair:

Jack Ostrofsky (Head of Quality and Design, Southern Housing Group)

Working Group Chairs:

Varun Soni (Head of BIM, Calfordseaden llp),
Shaun Kelly (Head of Technical, Quality and Compliance, Altair Ltd)
Lloyd Connors (when Head of Information Management, Airey Miller)

Project Manager:

Su Butcher (Director, Just Practising Ltd)

Project Publications

Our first suite of documents will be published by NHF towards the end of 2020

An introductory brochure has been produced to promote the project in the sector and prepare Housing Association Executives for the full publication. Download Here

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