UK BIM Alliance Projects

Knowledge Bank

Project Name: BIM KPIs

Project Lead Name: Mobeen Minai

Project Stream: Knowledge Bank

Project Synopsis:

To be able to deliver industry-wide consistency, examples of successful outcomes must be truthful and evidence-based.

This project stream will:

  • Define assessment criteria to be added to existing KPI surveys.
  • Establish a platform to redirect to externally-held information.
  • Establish an enquiry and subsequent reporting route for practitioners.

Subjective commentary on existing information is useful but has limitations. Constructing Excellence has been undertaking KPI surveys for several years to establish measurable performance changes within construction. It is proposed that CE (or an equivalent organisation) should extend the KPI questionnaires to specifically address the implementation of BIML2 in accordance with the suite of BS/PAS 1192 docs and the CIC BIM protocol. The use of BIM can have a beneficial effect on all parts of the Commissioning, Procurement and Operation of constructed assets, (for example, Health & Safety) not just the CAPEX/OPEX equation. With the addition of Level 1 BIM KPIs to the existing questionnaires it will be possible to identify the underlying causes of trends in other areas.