UK BIM Alliance Product Data Working Group – Meeting 3 Interim Report

The UK BIM Alliance Product Data Working group has had its third meeting. Here is an update of its discussions so far. You can read the other interim reports here: http://bit.ly/PDWGinterim1  and http://bit.ly/PDWGinterim2

Report Writing

The working group have now moved into the report writing phase. Whilst there are some matters that still need resolving, conclusions are falling into place. We still welcome engagement on the topics identified in our interim reports. Contact details are below. 

Programme for Publication

  • A draft report will be tabled to a PDWG meeting on 18th
  • We then intend that a draft will be circulated for peer review to a small group of participants by the end of July.
  • The completed report will be presented to the executive of the UK BIM Alliance and we hope it will be signed off at the September Executive Meeting.
  • The report will be launched at Digital Construction Week on 18th October 2018.

Volunteer to Review the Draft Report and/or be listed as a contributor

If you wish to review a copy of the draft report in confidence to provide feedback you can make this request using the sign-up form here: http://eepurl.com/dryptb 

This form also enables you to confirm if you wish to be listed as a contributor in the report We do not intend to quote or attribute ideas to individuals, but will list contributors by name + organisation. 

You can also use the form to ask us to contact you direct, as before. If you have already completed the form (for example to ask us to contact you) then you can use the link to update your preferences and select whether you wish to have a review copy.

Talk to Us

There are three ways of getting in touch with the working group:

  1. Keep informed of requests for information by subscribing to the Alliance newsletter here: http://bit.ly/UKBIMAnews
  2. Join the Alliance Slack Workspace to have conversations with the workgroup members and fellow interested parties: http://bit.ly/joinUKBIMAslack There is a dedicated #product_data channel for these conversations.
  3. Email the group directly at pdwg@ukbimalliance.org


Su Butcher
Chair, Product Data working Group