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New UK BIM Alliance Project: Overcoming the Legal and Contractual Barriers of BIM

The UK BIM Alliance have launched a new project called “Overcoming the Legal and Contractual Barriers of BIM” and are inviting contributions and volunteers.

Contract by Steven Snodgrass (creative commons)

Contracts form the backbone of a construction project and so a BIM enabled project requires contracts that provide the correct framework for BIM. There is an ongoing debate within the industry as to the correct procurement route, contract terms and the legal risks associated with BIM.

This project and subsequent report are intended to assess the understanding of the legal and contractual issues around BIM by lawyers and those working within the industry. Through an initial online survey and follow up discussions with industry players, we will review the contracts in use and assess what is and isn't working.

The project team will then produce a report on the findings containing a potential way forward in Q1 2018.

If you would like to provide further input or opinion please contact the project team directly at legalbim@ukbimalliance.org.

This project is supported by the UK BIM Alliance, the UK’s Cross industry alliance to drive leadership around implementation of BIM Level 2. Outcomes of the project will be published and available for free on the UK BIM Alliance Website.

Thank you for being willing to help make BIM Level 2 Business as Usual in the UK Construction industry by 2020.

Image: Contract by Steven Snodgrass (creative commons)